Light distribution curve

PROLED products shall meet their projected requirements at the intended operating location in an optimal way. Hereby it is inevitable to determine the spatial light distribution in terms of radiation characteristic of each individual product.

The MBN in-house measurement laboratory receives a gonio spectral radiometer from Instrument Systems for this purpose, the brand and technology leader in LED measurement technology.

The LGS gonio spectral radiometer from Instrument Systems was developed specially for the determination of angular dependent radiation characteristic of LED modules and lamps. It is suitable for objects up to a size of 1900 mm and provides a highly precise measurement grid due to the extremely fine angular resolution of 0,01°.

Thus we provide lighting planners and architects extremely precise radiation characteristics of our products in form of EULUMDAT and IES files, which can be obtained directly from us.

For products with this note you can contact us for the EULUMDAT and IES files, to import them into your light planing software (e.g. DIALUX or RELUX).

Furthermore MBN-PROLED has entered into a premium partnership with DIALux, the cutting-edge light planning software for calculating and visualization of indoor and outdoor lighting installations to allow lighting planners and architects to integrate PROLED lamps directly without any effort. The PROLED DIALux Plug-in can be downloaded HERE.